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How to Become a Travel Guide

How can you become a travel guide?

Being a travel or tour guide these days has become a very promising career because the tourism industry is growing rapidly in some areas.

Travel guides do not need to be bilingual or know everything about the world. They do not need to always be knowledgeable about geography, history, and local culture. Though it counts to have all the facts about the location and having language abilities, guiding tours is more about managing and directing the people on the tours.

In short, anybody can start to become a travel guide if they want to, because anything can be learned from training and further experience in the field. However, if you decide to have a career in directing tours, you must be prepared to be working away from home for you are always on the road making money. Travel guiding is a way of life for some people.

The job of tour guides or tour directors is to manage the tour group. They make sure clients get what's offered by the agencies and more. They also make sure that everyone shows up and manage everyone's needs. They take care of the transportation and other tourist demands along the way.

Some programs may include a bit of education and background information but in fact, it is often scripted either by the agency or if you are savvy enough, you will be able to make your own speeches and presentations.

Travel guides coordinate the activities involved in the trip. It is rather essential to have an outgoing personality so you can make tours fun for the clients. Happy clients usually give tips and other incentives.

Travel guides should at least have these qualifications to become effective in their work:

-Good communication skills; Speaking in different tongues is a plus but not necessary

-A sense of adventure and an outgoing personality

-Strong appreciation for the place where you will be giving tours

-Enthusiasm and leadership

-Quick thinking and being able to deal with unpredictable situations like emergencies and mix-ups

Applying for travel guide positions is rather easy. All you have to do is find travel and tour agencies. The Internet is good way to start hunting. Research and inquire for the qualifications that are needed. Some may require training and other certifications; attend classes and get certification to boost your qualifications.

Travel directing and guiding can be categorized into different branches. Each has its own specialty and types of activities. Here are some of the common types of travel guide jobs:

Adventure Guide:

Basically, this includes outdoor excursions. These kinds of trips usually last longer and are more intense in terms of activity but offer more fun for the typical outdoors person. Hiking, rafting, climbing and other somewhat extreme activities are involved. For this type of job, a love of the outdoors is the most basic qualification.

Bus Tour Leader:

When you think of tour guides, this is usually what comes to mind. These guides specialize in showing scenery and landscape. They are usually well-versed in the history of a region. Guides of this type know lots of exciting and interesting facts to fill long driving spaces.

City Tour Leader:

These tour guides specialize in big and populated cities. They must know historic, architectural, and popular culture information about the town in which they hope to lead tours. These tours typically only last one day at the most.